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There is a really bad bug in the .jp Seller Central (SC). I was having problems with garbled letters when printing my fnsku labels. Loads of calls to seller support didn’t solve the problem. I read Japanese, but get lazy and turn SC to English when going through the shipping routine. I had a hunch that it may be a problem with the English version if SC and tried it in Japanese. It solved the problem! I’ve found this also happens when doing promotions. You get garbled letters, not Japanese.

It’s called “mojibake”文字化け in Japanese. So, when you need to print anything, or need text for promotions, make sure you switch CS back to Japanese. As you won’t be able to read what’s going on, open another browser tab in English, and just follow along. Does that all make sense?

** UPDATE – Mar 3, 2018 **

Over 2 years later, and this bug still exists!

*This post originated from a post in the Amazon Japan Facebook group, “Amazon Japan PL”. The information may well have changed by the time you read this. Please check the DATE of the post before you make any decisions based on this information!

The Japan Guy

The Japan Guy

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