I mentioned in a quick tip back in May about the “Golden Week” Holiday. It’s a big time for Amazon sellers. I didn’t get round to mentioning the “Obon” holiday in August. Which is even bigger. I recommend Googling about the timing for next year.

A holiday + bad weather is good timing for online retail. Currently Japan is in the Typhoon season. It “officially” starts at the beginning of Sept. Of course typhoons can come before this time, but this is when domestic flights get cheaper, as there is a higher chance of your holiday being ruined or delayed by a typhoon. I’ve got a lot of experience with this!

Anyway, tomorrow (Monday Sept 19th) is a national holiday in Japan. And there is a typhoon on the way. So today and tomorrow will have rain throughout the country.

holiday + bad weather/rain = more traffic on Amazon

Maybe a time to increase PPC, or try a A/B split test because of the higher sessions you’ll get to compare with.

*This post originated from a post in the Amazon Japan Facebook group, “Amazon Japan PL”. The information may well have changed by the time you read this. Please check the DATE of the post before you make any decisions based on this information!

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The Japan Guy

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