People often have the image that Japanese people are very wealthy. There are lots of reasons for this, and I could discuss it for hours! I’ll just give you a statistic released today.

The average monthly wage in japan is now 313, 856 yen. Adjusting for standard of living, this places japan just below Germany, a few points off the UK, and quite a bit below the US.

Don’t go crazy with pricing, thinking your products will sell at a higher price than other markets. Japanese are very price conscious. Of course with the right brand image and promotion, you may well be able to charge a premium price. It all comes down to research. Bit obvious really!

*This post originated from a post in the Amazon Japan Facebook group, “Amazon Japan PL”. The information may well have changed by the time you read this. Please check the DATE of the post before you make any decisions based on this information!

The Japan Guy

The Japan Guy

The Japan Guy, Nick Katz, is a full time Amazon seller, consultant and speaker.

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